Hello, I am Limbo Gene. I have brought several imagination trains to reality such as PATH and BART. I can both build and script my creations through reverse engineering. If you have any questions, ask on YouTube or message me here.

Former moderator/developer of Subway Testing (STR), SubTransport (STU), NewTownTransit (NTT) and currently one of the leading developers of Subway Train Simulator (STS). I resigned all previous roles including STR to focus on the UTC and STS more and expand its potential.

Creator and president of the United Transit Communities (UTC) from 2018-2020, the householder of over 20 alliances of several transit groups to bringing the Roblox citizens and builders from far ends of the platform. UTC is the latest form of "United Nations" for groups.

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  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (WIP)

    Welcome to the Bay Area of California. Here it's sun shine and brightened days, enjoy your stay. Keep in mind that this map is ficticious and contains locations that are based on the real rapid transit system. This map is a work in progress and isn't meant to be a game that would be completed anytime sooner. Helpers would be greatly appreciated. Everything aside from housing and terrain is built by me. If anyone says elsewise, it's a lie (I can prove it based on my previous builds and videos explaining step by step of how it was built).

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  • (WIP) P. Authority Trans-Hud Train Simulator (2019

    NOTE: This map has discontinued building, and was only reopened for public's railfanners sake of entertainment and games. Another reason is all my PATH models have gone full open source. Welcome to the PATH train simulator. Yay, your dreams have been finally answered. The PA-1 will be scrapped in July 2019 so enjoy them while you can! This map is a train simulator, which terrain and models are based on the PATH models that serves New York and New Jersey. Roblox's censors don't let me name the game PATH or anything like that, explaining for all the abbreviations. This is currently a work-in-progress. *** October 20, 2018 *** - Resolved viruses within this project and back on track! (get it?) This will update on a frequent basis. This will recieve more priority, over the MTA Subway Simulator. All vehicles in the game, including most scripts were created by me. If anyone else has these models in their game (aside STS), it's an exploited model.

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