• Ion Cannon.

    updates are on pending because of demo. Jedis/V.I.P's : "Megaman17","Are92","Armydude123","Gameplayerpat1234","575". You must ASK NICELY to be a Jedi/V.I.P. Ö •••Permanent Message(s): I will be working on this until I get my veteran badge. Special Thanks to costest for the V.I.P Door script and the regenerate script I got from his script generator.••• On Hoth, The Rebels built a secret weapon; The ○Ion Cannon○. It was built to keep Imperial Ships/Fleets out of Hoth. It temporarily shut off Imperial Ships, or even !destroyed! them. Darth Vader eventually got on Hoth and now the Rebels are trying to escape. Leaving The ○Ion Cannon○ abandoned excluding the Rebels who built a base around it, the Rebels escaped.

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