TNI Lieutenant (resigned)
- Commando Sentinel
- Reconnaissance Marshal (resigned)
- Reconnaissance Huntsmen Officer (resigned)

Also resigned from Edeltia and Edeltian Special Operations.!/about!/about 

If you have any questions about TNI or its divisions, feel free to DM them to me.

Resigned from TNI LT on July 19, 2019.
Resigned from all TNI:R positions in July 2018.

TNI comes before other clans; anything else is solely for the extra practice. Thanks.Read More


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  • Atmos Square Remake [unfinished]

    Everything from the civilian spawn to the border is fully built, but Vinny's Valet is not scripted and the RR characters in the back are not placed Border is fully built & scripted except for the bricks above the roof, some small details on the side facing the civilian spawn, and the chairs in the booths, but I didn't do the weird transparency thing with the team-only doors leading into the booths and the doors leading to the stage 2+ area like they were in Atmos because I thought it looked stupid Teams are fully scripted, however Edeltia changed their rank system a bit so I made the "cadet" team include everyone from Recruit I to Recruit III Started on bridge, and city will be started after the bridge is finished I don't know if I'll ever get to trying to recreate the tools, but we'll see when the time comes DISCLAIMER: This is a big project. It's taking a while and not everything is perfect. It's largely unfinished.

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