Revelation 22:21 "The grace of our Lord ##### ###### be with you all. Amen..." Member of Red city devils with Speculatio,Eppy,cessum (Now its FFL) / OFL: S2 Barton Bruisers / S33Raiders(colinator) OFL: S6 Millikan Rams (L. Jallace) FFL: S1 (7-0) head coach was Eplision 6-3 / S2 Herclues290(head coach) S2 49ers of FFL It was truly a "privilege" to have coached you all. OFL Awards: S(4) Second-team All-OFL S(5) First-team All-OFL, FFL Awards: 2x Pro Bowl, S2 Coach of the year / [MODERN BOWL II CHAMPIONS] MFL: Colorado Stallions [MODERN BOWL III CHAMPIONS] MFL: Texas Warhawks Victory Bowl champions Season (7)(8)(9)(10) Millikan Rams 43-6 as a Millikan Rams Starter Three words to describe the Millikan Rams S6-S10 of OFL: Majestic,Triumph,Dynasty UBA S4 champion-New Orleans Pelicans KBL S6 Champion- Boston Celtics(Albert) OFL: Pemberley Punishers s12 VB champs


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    I got a long ways to go, but I know I can do it.

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