I planned on quitting sometime in July. Now's as good a time as any. The only people I truly respected on this game - Rob3113 my first teacher mentor a great friend of mine and someone I know I can always go to when things are rough. GoldenTaichou perhaps one of my toughest teachers always pushing me to the limit he made me into what I was. Abeshiro, what a tank, you truly did surpass my prime in BLEACH you will always have my respect. FumeiSencho, a great friend of mine very intelligent and someone who you can always look to for advice. jamesissac12, you've had my back even when things were so doubtful you helped me train in bounts when I was first aiming for BC. Lastly VoidSinister, what a monster you are, I could only hit you once in my own class despite my trying my best when you really focused, besides that you are an amazing friend and we have very similar issues going on in real life right now. You've given me advice to help me through the day quite a lot. Goodbye.


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