Hello, I'm Flame..
I make pretty cool things.
If you'd like to message me, follow me. (or just contact me on twitter)
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  • CW The Flash (BETA)

    Shutdown = Updates If you want to go back to your character write R in chat T = Tornado Run X = Super Sonic Punch P = Phase Updates: Changed the biome back to it's original state Changed around some of the tree's Changed the into back to it's original state xXYourWorstFearXx - Owner InfamousScript - Owner Andyeric - Moderator Sonic1o4 - Moderator Channymao -Moderator If you have any suggestions Join my fan group and chat about what you would like to see on the game:

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  • The Flash (OLD)

    Hey everyone I would like to thank my you all for liking my game, I am so happy you all enjoy my game! I am working on a new better Flash game and don't worry I will still be working on this one but I can granite you the other one will be better. Here's the Link New Update: Added Fire Storm with fire storm Tools Sneak peaks: Adding More better buildings and maybe Cisco and Katlin

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