The light shines through the clouds, this subtle pain that hurts me, If I had flied into that sky again
The crystal clear world that endlessly spreads out, squinting to the dazzling lights
If I hug the strength in which I can believe in my chest,
I'll fly around in the clear sky where there is no cloud
There is nothing to lose, grasping my trembling fingers
I burn your pure smiles into my heart
If I could hold at the end of the never-ending episode, now the feeling with you
Connects to the shards of young days, coloring
We're tracing on our hearts we have depicted together
My hidden feeling is screaming out, as I take hold of a certain vow
If I could become a bit stronger,
I'd pass over the sky in front of my eyes
I'd Reach out to the following future


  • kobe bryant

    middle name is ''bean'.' was named after a steakhouse in japan. shows that you can rock a bald look. has a cool goatee. shoes have no cushion. one of the greatest players of all time. edit: just died today. wish him luck, wherever he is now.

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