I yearn to die and have my soul free of these human restraints on my capacity to love and on my breaking of the equilibrium with eternity, but yearning must be subtle and patience should come, since life is already so short. so long, and so short. an instant and an eternity are really the same, outside of perception, aren't they? life is a long eighty, ninety years perhaps, but it is a short time to wait compared to all that has happened. i will wait patiently for my soul to be at equilibrium with the universe.



    Update: Fixed some stuff, added a new dock, and a secret ;) Game Passes will be added, but everything else is functional. Do you get a tool? just throw it away its worth nothing. Hello and welcome to Fishing Simulator 2014-2015. Fishing Simulator will be updated daily. Do you have any good suggestions on new fishes? PM, me, Pieguy26. ----- Tags | IGNORE | Minecraft ~ ROBLOX ~ Tycoon ~ Obby ~ Building ~ Horror ~ Town and City ~ Military ~ Comedy ~ Medieval ~ Adventure ~ Sci-Fi ~ Minecraft ~ FPS ~ RPG ~ Sports ~ Fighting ~ Nintendo ~ Call of Duty ~ Black Ops 2 ~ World at War ~ Zombies ~ Build to Survive ~ Survive the Disasters ~ Creeper ~ Paintball ~ Base Wars ~ Pokemon ~ Freeze Tag ~ Hide and Seek ~ DriveBlox Unlimited ~ Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 ~ NFS ~ Prison ~ Freddy Fazbear ~ Grand Theft Auto 5 ~ Titanic ~ Epic Mining 3 ~ Work at a Pizza Place ~ Fishing ~ Summer ~ Friends

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