NRBA HOFer Han -------------------------------------------------- EBL S5 Champion with Bucks/RMLS LA Galaxy Finals Champion + MVP and FCD Finals Champion/RFL S1 and S2 BB Champ/RFL S5 BB Champ with Seattle 69ers/CBA S4 Champion with Pacers/RFL S8 BB Champions Bluejays/NRBA S6 Bluesteel Champions Seattle Mariners + NBS MVP/NRBA 2x MVP (S6 and S10)/NRBA S9 Bluesteel Champions Boston Red Sox + NBS MVP + S9 Gold Glove/Pitched a No-Hitter vs Winnipeg in NRBA S10 (Yolli saved no hitter with a HR rob in 6th)/NRBA S10 HRD Winner (Pitcher: Skylinejames)/NRBA S10 MVP/S10, S11, S12,S13,S14,S15 Silver Slugger/NRBA S10, S12,S14,S15 SS/S11 Bluesteel Champions Boston Red Sox/NRBA S12 Gold Glove/NRBA S13 NBS Champion with Marlins + NBS MVP/NRBA S14 ASG MVP/NRBA S15 ASG MVP and MOTY/NRBA S15 NBS Champs CWS/13 HRs in NRBA S15/NRBA S16 NBS Champs SEA/NRBA S17 CY/1x RNHL Owner of the Year + 1x RNHL ROTY/HCBB 1x WS Champion w/ COL/1x MWA Champion/I copyright ########


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