Life is short.
It can be sweet.
It can be depressing.
You only have one.
Get out of bed and live your best life.
Hope that you’ll find away to make your life get better. :D

Life is as short as long as you make it that way. Live life to the fullest and keep living. Don’t cut, it’s a loss of blood that certain people need, that’s why blood drives exist. Don’t waste it. We can all make a difference, and when I say “Get out of bed”, it’s a metaphor. Don’t actually get out of bed early in the morning. Make sure you live as well as you can, because you have lives that people are only beginning. Don’t make it a punishment to get out of bed each morning! Count it as a blessing; unless you’re going to school. Then life is a living hell. Don’t worry though! It can always get better. :DRead More


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