BULLYING? THINK YOUR SO COOL?- THE GIRL YOU JUST CALLED FAT?..SHE IS ON A DIET. THE GIRL YOU JUST CALLED UGLY?...SHE SPENDS HOURS PUTTING MAKEUP ON HOPING THAT PEOPLE WILL LIKE HER. THE BOY YOU TRIPPED?...HE IS ABUSED ENOUGH AT HOME.- SEE THAT MAN WITH THE UGLY SCARS? HE FOUGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY. - THAT GUY YOU JUST MADE FUN OF FOR CRYING?....HIS MOTHER IS DYING. - THAT KID YOU JUST MADE FUN OF FOR BEING BALD?..HE HAS CANCER. -Put this as your status if your against bullying. Frankie? please, i don't know what i did wrong, I'm sorry! please accept my friend request! if it was because of that Guest memorial thing I'm sorry! it was a joke! i didn't mean for it to be harsh! you're won of my best friends! :( -EveRead More


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