I'm commonly known as "Fluff" for my adorable personality..Allegedly.. ;//u//;

I come from the magical land of crumpets and tea, and I like to refer myself as a "baby artist" I'm not quite an artist yet.. There's so much to learn~ @u@;; I'm not the most talkative of people, but I do my best to be kind to everyone~ I'm easily distracted and amused, so it's very hard to bore me..As silly as that sounds. I'm a raging tea-addict  and I'm usually armed with an arsenal of herbal or just regular types of tea, if people come to me with an illness, I usually say it's likely curable with some type of tea.. Eheh ^u^;;
 I'm not the brightest of people, but I know a lot about people. I'm confided in for advice for family and friends alike, but I don't complain. At least I feel needed, and there's nothing I love more than putting a smile on someone's face, especially someone I love dearly. Don't be afraid to talk to me~ I don't bite, I just nibble a little ^^;Read More


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