Hi 👋 

I’m iiKayla_Ghost and if you wanna know more, click read more. :)

I don't care what you call me, even if it is weird 😂

I’m 14 (turning 15 on dec08/ dec20/ dec2019)

Dunno what to put here 😒... Though my BFFs are Goldie, Melody, Kits, Jacob, Flora, Artsy and Blue

Anyway nice meeting you friends😂

Please leave my profile now

I might like you though please leave me alone

Umm idk why you're still here

I <3 playing games but I just ain't such a pro at them

If you wanna my friend, send me a FR and if you seem cool, I'll accept you ;)

Im a smart girl

I work for some groups

Im usually online quite a lot but I don't play much games >.>

My favorite games are Bloxburg, Mining simulator and Survivor, meaning those are the games I mainly play.

I am taken by my bestie Jacob <333

He is literally the sunshine in my heart ;)

I hate when I dont see him -_-

If I had a wish, I would wish for him to always be the best.

Also thanks for stalking me I guess 😅Read More


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