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  • ROBLOX Wiki Staff ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a private group for official wiki staff to do secret wiki stuff. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Please don't request to join unless you're actually a member of the wiki staff who already has an account there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Gordonrox24 will process incoming group join requests. If it's been a few days and your request is still pending, PM him. He's a busy guy. Also PM him if your rank is not accurate.

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  • Empatron Studios

    ﴾Empatron Studios﴿ ~Delivering High Standards~ ﴾What we do﴿ Here at Empatron Studios we create high quality games that expand the limits of ROBLOX - captivating the imagination of players worldwide. ﴾Jobs - Testing﴿ If you would like to be a tester for our games, send SoulStealer9875 a message. Explain in full details why you would be good for the job, and how you would be dedicated to detecting bugs and glitches. ﴾Jobs - Developer - Building﴿ Currently we are not looking for more builders, but we keep an open eye for those who come across as veteran. Send a message to SoulStealer9875 with a link to your most detailed place or model. ﴾Jobs - Developer - Scripting﴿ If you would like to apply as a scripter for Empatron Studios, send SoulStealer9875 with a message including a link to a model or place that is well scripted and by you.

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  • Master Scripter

    Master Scripter is a group dedicated to the supposed best Lua scripters on Roblox. Whether this is true or not is really more of opinion than reality, although you must pass a series of tests for entry. If you would like to join Master Scripter, please contact either Billiland or any of the three Proctors.

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