[Accessing Pinewood Mainframe…] [Text loaded.] [Display loaded text.] Member Profile for: epicduckchuck: Well, hey there! I'm epicduckchuck, I am one of the most loyal workers in Pinewood, and I am working on building a Data Storage and Networking Facility for Pinewood. It is under MAJOR, MAJOR construction. Projects that concern the general public:
(< = working on, - = suspended, + = completed/sub categories * = not started)
Data Storage and Networking Facility<+
     Building< 0.01%
     Scripting* 0%


  • Pinewood Database and Networking Center [1%]

    You must wear CURRENT Pinewood Builders WORKER Badge by Diddleshot (the bigger one) or else you will die when you try to enter through the laser gate even though it opens. This will house a MASSIVE array of CPUs, Memory Chips, RAM Cards, Hard Disks, and workstations that will allow you to access the Mainframe, all being constantly serviced. Currently it only has a bit of one of the most hi-tech constantly updated security system in the whole of ROBLOXia. Welcome, to the Pinewood Database and Networking Center, a part of the Pinewood Computer Core Project, connected to it by thousands of cables.

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