Hello. I'm TTTTTas. You can also Call me Nar_Hard_Games. I have that name in reserve (Please don't take it lol) I'm the official alternative account (not really alt now) of TTTTTas. Language: 🇬🇧 \ 🇺🇸 ------ Species: Human... You gotta trust me. The aliens be real.... It's not a conspiracy. I tell you. It's really not! Do you hear me. *intensifies shaking* "REEEEEEE" I am a "notorious" (by that I mean very unknown) Dev on a website known as Ko G om a I specialize in strategy games and City building themed games. (I really like to make cities and towns) Status: No Channels. NOT an Administrator. Not in a relation--- XD I love to joke around. (As you can see) Channels I watch: Flamingo, Techno Blade, kon e ko Kitten, Optimus, The Laughing Cow, Dingo Doodles, Jaiden Animations and The Odd - 's Out. That's a little bit about me, to introduce you into my personality, I also do debates on Roblox content. My favorite games are: Anxiety, Iron Assult, This is NO Simulator, and Dragon Rage.


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