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  • Chaos;Head

    If you are God, and the delusion becomes reality. About what kind of the noids you get? Is it the sensual world? The despotic society? The destructive sanctions? Or...

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    Hello!!! This club is for anyone who loves or just wants to know more about Anime, Manga,Video games,RPG games,and last but not least Cosplay~! To be ranked up you must be active in the group and send me a message of why you think you should be ranked up~! ========================================= [If you get bored watch the following Anime's some time.] Puella Magi Madoka Magica,Baccano !, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Vampire knight, Fruits b,xxxHolic,Black cat,Death Note,Moon Phase,FullMetal Alchemist,Buso Renkin,Ouran High School Hostclub,Code G eass,Naruto,Mushishi,Bleach,Soul Eater,Solty Rei,Black Butler,Alice in the coutry in of hearts,Blood+,Chibi Vampire, Higurashi when they cry,Pandora hearts,D.gray-man, Tsubasa,Shugo chara,Black blood brothers,Lucky Star,Daker than Black,Case Closed,Kingdom of hearts,Final Fantasy,Touhou,Rozen Maiden,Highschool of the Dead,The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya,Special A,NANA,Angle beats,Glass feet,Black lagoon,Rosario+Vampire,Hellsing,Durarara!,Yu

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  • Noble Blade

    [ Set Up ]: - Favorite NB Places - To ensure that you know when people are visiting our forts and training, we want you to favorite the important Noble Blade places. - Visit the Information Center - New and important information, including the guidelines, and other crucial information is all found there. [ War Archive ] Victories: Lightning Clan of Roblox (LaminaKing's Time) The Chaos Imperium (2014) Electro Legion (2014) Allied Airborne (2014) Zepris Confederation (2015) Alversian Peoples' Navy (2015) United Assault Regiment (2015) Tragedies: WIJ (LaminaKing's Time) John's Cobras (LaminaKing's Time) The Roblox Assault Team (LaminaKing's Time) First Encounter Assault Recon (LaminaKing's Time)

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  • Grim Reapers!

    _____________________ Allies:Dark Force,The Hood,Rat,ESS + TRA + Vampire knights! and more _______________________ Buy Grim reaper group t-shirt and we need a underground base,underwater base, and we need more people! Join today Tests will be held/can be held by anyone every Saturday to get rank ups. Message me - jj12d and ill see what I can do.

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  • modern medieval warfare:free admin my server 10vis

    my war field. red vs. blue. awsome gun added for awsome effects. admin are me, john 102108 and smaf176. free admin on any server im in after 10 visets

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