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  • Adventure Forward 2

    [New game icon by stupidperson88.] 300 years ago, the heroic Star Savior managed to defeat a celestial evil known as Stratosfear, but suddenly vanished without a trace. However, a new evil being named Celesteal has been discovered, and the world is in need of a new Star Savior. You have been summoned by Cyalm, who believes that you are the one who will fill this role. With Cyalm's guidance, you must collect various stars that are scattered about 10 diverse worlds in order to befriend other celestial beings. Your skill, determination and adventurous spirit will be tested. Do you have what it takes to defeat Celesteal and save the world? Now featuring multiplayer servers. The vast majority of physics issues can be fixed by simply exiting and re-entering the world you're currently in. There have been reports of data saving issues, but these are extremely rare. Follow me on Twitter to hear more about my projects: @ExplodeRBLX

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  • Adventure Forward: Star Savior [BROKEN]

    Leap into a giant world full of adventure and danger! A shadowy Robloxian known as Stratosfear has smashed all of the stars out of the sky, and proceeded to lock up several areas in Maytown so that nobody can reach any of the stars. The citizens of Maytown need a hero who can banish Stratosfear once and for all. Rise up and become the Star Savior! Built and designed by Explode1. Enemies, collectibles, and progress GUI scripted by Maelstronomer. Dialog GUI by Oozlebachr. Audio scripts by TylerMcBride. Video created by Bobbysayhi. Additional thanks to everyone who helped test this game.

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  • Paper Roblox 2: Beyond the Fold

    [This is the prequel of Super Paper Roblox. It is not the sequel of Super Paper Roblox.] Journey into the far reaches of Paper Robloxia, a grand new region of adventure! Paper Roblox 2 allows players to adventure and role-play in this giant world, a new hybrid of gaming. Tons of collectibles are also scattered about the game, but finding them all is a real challenge! Be careful, because dark, mysterious forces are at work.... What will you do in this great realm? Paper Roblox 2 is built and scripted by a large team of friends and fans, you can see who helped developed it in the game's credits and in the staff cards. Hosted by Explode1.

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  • Brickbattle: Waterfall Fortress

    Amazing yet odd, this upside-down castle sits in a massive cave filled with strange trees. Narrow bridges hang perilously in front of massive waterfalls, fireballs light up tunnels. Not to mention the battles you'll fight! Consider it the eighth wonder of the world.

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  • Super Paper Roblox

    [Shortened loading times. Also added some brutally honest hints concerning future content of this game.] Welcome to Paper Robloxia, an exciting world with surprises around every corner! But be warned, there’s plenty of danger in store, too. As a mysterious necromancer attains divine powers, the most nefarious villains band together to throw everything into turmoil. Heroes will fight back, but they will need your support. Collect seven magical scissors to cut through the fabric of space and stop their evil plans! Note: Chapter badges are awarded upon entering the main menu. This is due to Roblox limitations. To experience this game in its full glory, try setting your graphics settings to 8 or higher. Please report all bugs to Explode1. Hosted by Explode1. Cutout Studios 2016

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