i remember the day we met as if it happened an hour ago,
me calling you garbage at arsenal and you getting upset and shy
me complaining about how terrible life was at that very time
n without knowing a single thing about you, you fixed it all
its so hard to explain but without even knowing you i already knew you
and i already felt such strong and immense feeling for you
n then i remember the day after i received a message on czoxrd
i disregarded it because nobody ever messaged me
n i saw your name right there on the notification banner
and the thoughts that rushed through my head
"did i say something wrong?" "oh no what did i do"
and little did i know that's where the start of my life with you would begin
the first day of knowing you it felt like a lifetime
i knew the ins and outs of your life, like you did with mine
and a newfound trust flooded through my body
a trust along with hope and warmth
and that still lives dormant in my body today
i lhovxe you so much, tiffany
i always will


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