Hello, I'm ToaTahu003.
I strive to create games for everyone's enjoyment.
If you would like try out any of my games, feel free too!
I've recently re-enabled messaging. Drop one anytime!


  • Left 4 Survival [5.8.7_02] [Infected Update II]

    Welcome to Left 4 Survival! A fun multiplayer game that allows you to play as a survivor or an infected zombie! Can you survive the infection and claim victory over the zombies? 🎮 Available to play on all major devices including Xbox! 💎 Use Diamonds to permanently enhance your loadout! 🎁 Join the Left 4 Survival Community and receive an addition Pipe Bomb! The Festive Fall Event has concluded! Thanks for participating during the event! The Holiday 2021 Event begins December 3rd, 2021! * Hotfix for the Infected Update Part 2 has been released. Changelog can now be found within the game. For a more comprehensive list of changes, please see: Extended Patch Notes/Future Plans.

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  • Zombie Survival! [DEVELOPMENT IN PROGRESS]

    UPDATES: - Added random environments. - Special infected always spawn first each wave. - Increased Pistol damage. - Increased Pistol clip size and stored ammunition. This game is old, therefore contains many bugs due to ROBLOX updates. As always, have fun!

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