pm me if u wanna join mah clan(s) the black sun,the lightning rebellion,or the first sons of dawn.........._╘ Read More

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  • 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup

    Welcome to the Official 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup group. Here you can chat about the upcomeing worldcup. Be free to talk. LIST OF TEAMS Australia Japan Korea DPR Korea Republic Algeria Cameroon Côte d'Ivoire Ghana Nigeria South Africa (hosts) Honduras Mexico United States Argentina Brazil Chile Paraguay Uruguay New Zealand Denmark England France Germany Greece Italy Netherlands Portugal Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Switzerland

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  • The N64 Lovers

    Nintendo 64 fans welcome! This group is now under new ownership because the old owner abandoned it. Feel free to talk about the N64 or any games of it. This group is welcome to anyone who had an N64, or even anyone who is a fan of them. We not any sort of war clan, this group is just for fun and a common interest. Welcome, and have fun! I am not accepting ally requests that are not related to this group.

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  • Ultimate Sword Fighters

    Hello and welcome to USF!The largest Sword Fighting group on ROBLOX!The members of this group are great swordsmen! Don't advertise your items/groups on the wall, the post will be deleted! Do not message me.

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  • hotel alpha devestation

    war in a heavaly populated hotel aera.there will be many distractions but find your enemy before the find you vip will come pm me to comment

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