• [FINAL UPDATE] Loomian Legacy Hangout

    > LOOMIAN LEGACY IS OUT RIGHT NOW! https://www.roblox.com/games/306964494/Loomian-Legacy (Loomian Legacy is made by lando64000 and Tbradm) Welcome to the Loomian Legacy Hangout :P You can make friends, talk to each others, play some mini games, or just chill in game. (Credits to EnternalDeveloper) [You can't play this game in Consoles. But you can play this game on tablet, computers and mobiles!] There won't be any more updates after Version 1.1. ►Final Update Version 1.1 : > Loomian Legacy is now out for everyone! Click the link in the description to play :P > You can now click the 'Teleport to Loomian Legacy' to teleport to Loomian Legacy easily. > Lando said something on the Loominews. Go check it out! > The Countdown badge is now unobtainable! > The original project including the Minigame Tower inside Loomian Legacy Hangout will be discontinued. Some of the buildings and trees that was suppose to be built will be now no longer worked on.

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