Hello, i'am a Builder and Scripter. I usually share my Creations on my Twitter Page.

Current Projects i'm working on are : 

1) Being Builder for Sonic Ultimate RPG.
2) Coding my own Boss Battle, and Features for it with a good Friend.

That's probably all you wanna know about me so far, but if you still have some Questions about me, then feel free to send me a Message on Roblox or Twitter. I read them occasionally.

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  • Giant Garden [Showcase] / [WIP]

    Welcome to The Giant Garden. Keep in mind this game is a Work in Progress and not even close to considered being done, if you liked it so far don't forget to favourite and Thumbs Up, it's appreciated alot ! Play this Game in Full Graphics mode to have a better experience. Ever feelt small compared to everything else, well then here you will feel even smaller. Explore around the Garden while having a Jump and Walkspeed Boost. Go swim in the Pond or just search in the Grass, whatever you feel like doing next. There is always something new just waiting for you !

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  • Keybinding Test

    Here is a list of all Keybindings so far. Press "C" for Rainbow Particles Around your Character. Press "X" to Randomly Resize your Character. Press "Y" to become my Character. (You have to Rejoin to Turn Normal) Press "F" to become a Living Time Bomb. Press "T" to Become Slow and die after some time. Press "R" to Reset. Press "Z" To play a Song... Press "Q" to change your Body Color randomly. Press "G" To get Hats i used to wear.

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