Hello i'm a Builder, i build random stuff whatever i'd like to, you can check my Creations on my Tweeter. @PumpisaRBLX

I do take Building Requests, DM me on Tweeter about it please with any Informations !Read More



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  • Testing Brick Movement

    Just a little movement Test. Stand on the Black Brick and press the Key "Q" then move with the Brick. (You have to move it won't move you around)

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  • Pumpisa's Test Hangout [Memes 2k17]

    Press "R" to Randomly Grow and Die with an disgusting annoying sound. Press "E" to get a big Jump Boost. Press "Q" to randomly change your Body Colors. Press "T" for Slowmode (Slowmotion Walking). Press "Y" to change your Character Appearence to my Avatar (Pumpisa) Press "Z" to play a Song... Who knows what it gonna be ? :) Press "U" to Interact with the TestBrick in Game (It will run a Script) Press "F" to make your Character Explode. Press "G" to display Hats i used to wear alot on your Character. (Mostly my Favourite Hats which i used to have) Many stuff will be added soon. Join my Group maybe ? https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=3175064 --------------------------------Patch Notes---------------------------------------- -- Added a small Arena. -- Added Annoying sound when you die. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the small Volume Icon on the Right Bottom Corner. After that you'll see a window popping up, you'll have to click on Keywords to see a whole list of Sounds you can use. Just simply write the word into the chat. The Sounds have a 15 Seconds Cooldown. Credits going to loleris for the Chat Voice.

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