Welcome to my about. You won't see a lot about me except for things only on roblox. (Name, age, location, etc.) Since you are here, i thought i would give you some things that i like to do on the platform. 1. Playing different games. Some favourite categories of mine are, RPG, Fighting (PvP, PvE, etc.), Action Packed, and sometimes trolling. 2. Changing my avatar. I can't really decide on what i want to have equiped on to my character for roblox, so you will see me change alot. 3. I also like to create things of my own, whether it be games, clothing, groups, ADs, etc. (Be sure to check out my Clothing Group! https://www.roblox.com/groups/4896780/InfiniteClothing#!/about) Anyways thanks for reading my about! (Don't hate people just for the things they like to do, unless they are furries. All furries must die.)Read More


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  • Capture the flag [NEW] [WIP]

    Hello. This game is still in development, so i would appreciate it if you could not put any hatred to this game, thank you. :)

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