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  • Rich Robloxians ( United )

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  • Chaos Rising [Sword Art Online: Burst]

    | CR | Chaos Rising : SAOB Any new members must private message your level to the Emperor or Overlord with a screenshot proving your level. Chaotic Emperor : Rat_Dog Chaotic Overlord : StarBuckzWifi, Fearien Chaotic Dragon : ImTheHolyDragon Chaotic Knives : 1000Knives | PK Guild | | Rank Guide | | Recruit : 1 - 10 | Scout : 10 - 15 | | Knight: 16 - 21 | | Master: 22 - 27| | Captain : 28 - 33 | | Chaotic : 34 - 46 | | Commander : High Rank (Trust Worthy) | | Chaotic Officer High Rank | | Chaotic Specialist High Rank | | Chaotic Major High Rank | | Chaotic Lieutenant High Rank (Trust Worthy) | | Chaotic Knives 4th in command (Trust Worthy) | | Chaotic Beast : 3rd in command ( Trust Worthy ) | | Chaotic Overlord : 2nd in command (Trust worthy) | Chaotic Emperor : Founder of this guild. | Do NOT Pk any fellow guild members or any allied members

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  • Knights Of The Blood Oath[Sword Art Online: Burst]

    The Knights Of The Blood Oath vow to protect all who are PK’ed, and shall send criminals through Hell over and over again. The Knights Of The Blood Oath is a highly skilled guild experienced in combat, it also consists many high leveled blacksmiths, tailors and cooks. We obviously do not tolerate PKing. Rules Of Engagement: 1.You do not kill any of our enemies, unless they engage you first. 2. You may kill all PK’ers who attack others or yourself. General Rules: 1. You will not PK anyone else under any circumstance, unless they are a PKer. 2. You will respect officer ranks and call them “Sir”. 3. You may not scam or snipe in this group. 4. You will wear your pendant ingame at all times, unless you’re in another group. Uniform/Pendant - New Members Post on the wall - "Name, Currently Level" Rank Information:

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  • Reason 2 Die Community

    This is the OFFICIAL Reason 2 Die Community founded by PlaceRebuilder. There will be shouts about update, pre-release debug parties, future weapons, maps etc. This is the ONLY group you'll need to stay updated with reason 2 die news. Suggest updates, report bugs or just hangout with other experienced R2D players! Join this group to stay Updated with the latest in Reason 2 Die.

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  • United Defense Organization

    IN DEVELOPMENT. We'll see you soon.

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  • The Ancient Killer From The Ancient Ruins

    im still fixing Swords and Shops plz pm me if u know how and pm me suggestions It is a cool rpg that i'm not done with i'm still working on it about some more enemies and lots of stuff. all that gear u see in the menu is really really cool. its going to be one of the TOP rpgs. don't forget to buy those cool things they r really awesome. don't steal kills its unfair and if u see anyone doing that or being mean message me and report them for bullying. its for u guys to enjoy and chill not to be RUDE!!! and do not spam at ALL and i mean it. just have fun and i am going to have way more updates that u will love a lot if u think its not a good game wait for the updates to see how good its going to be. thats' all I've got to say (for now)

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