Immature, nice, caring, girly, a friend, a fake person, and/or changes quickly is that who I am to you?
Focus Dance and Gymnastic
Rank: Pro Dancer
Gravity Gymnastic
Rank: Senior Elite+ (Former staff)
Rank: Beginner Actor and Voice Actor (Shown in disk cord)
The Royal Ballet Academy
Rank: Level 1 Ballet Student
Everyone who I have followed have been a huge part in my digital life and will be placed in a special place in my heart. I'm not saying for those I didn't follow that you aren't a true friend, I'm just saying that they were/are a major part in my journey and they deserve to recognize by everyone in the world about how much they were/are a great person to me. Whenever I leave I wish you a greatly good luck in the future, let's hope I don't leave me digital life.
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