Used to have a bio here, but I want to say something important. After playing Roblox for 10 years and it now being 2022, It's time I hang up the cleats and focus on the important things in life. (1 Corinthians 13:11) I've truly enjoyed the memories I've had here and the people I've made connections with. Of course, I regret some decisions but we live and learn from those things so we don't do them again.

Strive for memories with others from different walks of life. Don't do the bare minimum but strive to do your best in whatever it may be and don't take shortcuts. They'll determine who you are in the future. Know that there you can always have help in whatever it is and there are people who have felt the same way you have before. (2 Timothy 1:9) 

Roblox holds a special place in my heart not because of the games, but because of the memories created for me. Thank you. I'm OFFICIALLY quitting. 10-24-22
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