Hey there, I'm Term. A clothing designer and developer. I made clothes as a hobby, but now I'm not really interested in it anymore. I noticed how bigger groups have much better stuff and I don't really have any ideas either. 

You can still find all my clothing by clicking the following link:


  Please don't buy copied versions of my shirts, thanks. 

My favorite videogame is Earthbound.
My favorite music artists are The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Bob Dylan and a few others.Read More


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    The house and studio of a small band with big dreams. Currently making small updates to change some stuff, and add a few new things. Might add a few major updates every now and then.

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    Yes, this project is no longer being worked on, I'm sorry. This is a proper studio, unlike the other studio that's just a basement with a few guitars. I'll be updating this place and Studio 2 more, since it's the place where I and a few other people will be recording songs at. Consider the other studio a showcase or whatever and play this instead. Thank you for playing and have a nice day! (Studio 2 is not out yet, btw.)

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