Hello, I am Dev,  I am 16 years old. Live in Eastern Britain [BST].  I have been here since 2009.

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What Do I Do?

-> I work mainly in Cords. I do a wide spectrum of things such as Administration, Bot management, Chronologically Ordering Servers, etc.

Scripting: Advanced.
Building: Moderate.
GFX: Moderate.
Cords: Extremely Advanced.

-> I work for free. Just DM me if you need help in anything.
-> Message me If you would like my cord, Or just join one of the groups Cords below. 

What am I currently?

• Board Of Directors of Target.
• Executive Vice President of Crystals Cafes.
• Federal Government of Blox Channel.
• Chief Executive Officier Of Smithland's.
• New York Government Official.
• Supervisor Moderator Of Blox Channel.
• Russian Secretary of Public Relations.
• Commander In Chief of National Guard 
• Chat Moderator Of Blox Channel.
• Senate Judiciary Committee Member Of New York.

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