Hey, Iโ€™m mmistaken.

I recommend you checking this out!

Owner of Temtaken Studios and Robot Simulator.

Developer, experienced moderator, YouTuber. As-well a director and (game) manager. Getting better at building daily.

🔨 Games I am/have worked on:
- 🤖 Robot Simulator
- 🎃Halloween Clicker
- โš”๏ธ Knight Legends [UNRELEASED] 
- 🖱๏ธ Tapping Legacy [UNRELEASED]
- Guess Who [UNRELEASED]
- 💃 Club Echo
- Clicking Insanity [UNRELEASED]
- 🎈 Balloon Clicker [UNRELEASED]
- 🦵Chest Kicking Simulator
- Premium Hangout
- Death Simulation
- RDC Preparty
- Socializing Simulator
- Roblox Muffin Fan Hangout
- 🎃 Halloween Party
- 🤖 Robot
- 🤝Meet nโ€™ Greets for Known Robloxians

Some other stuff that may appear soon 👀:

The games are listed in no orders.
โ˜„๏ธ Total of 7.8M+ visits across all my games
Updated as of 10/26/2020


  • Remade Map from 2 Years Ago

    I've created a game 2 years ago and I have decided to remake it. It has been 2 whole years. Inside, there are a teleport pad to enter the old map. :D Hitting the like button shows so much support <3

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  • Death Simulation 2

    Just the title but v2 and better. You can go afk :D v1: Idea by:

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