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    🪦 Welcome to DopeSir's graveyard edition home store! 🪦 The brand new home store featuring the new collection "Cobwebs Over The Catacombs", released on February 26th! Make sure to leave a thumbs up, favorite, and join my group for future outfits and updates!!/about DopeSir is a Roblox clothing designer specializing in alternative feminine clothing. This store features a variety of styles and items that will fit perfectly for anyone looking for feminine attire to accessorise your avatar! Click on the mannquins around the graveyard to select them on your screen and then you can try on, purchase and see the back side of the outfit! Map built by DopeSir with some meshes, lighting and polishing done by the amazing, Prince! DopeSir, Prince, Misavor, and Dimmy_Turner have clothing featured in the game!

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