hi, my name is yumycreamsoda but you can call me yumy. i have lots of best friends, these are there names (laracroft0) (spectacularvinigar) (mosgo) (zdemonz12) (mike550y) (ejs11boy) (birddogboy) and if i haven't named some people its becouse i probably mist you on my friends list if i did SORRY. Read More

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  • Justice Wolves

    We are... Well, I have started a group, fight like wolves, together, using our wits as well as our skills to defeat the enemy. I know a group normally has a fort, and has raids, maybe when we get more members we could raid and get a group, but atm it would be quite difficult, as im not a good builder. But its a sf group and what we/I do, is I will recruit people who are skilled fighters and we will train. If you love sf, and want to get better (or want to fight skilled sf)then just join our group, I/we will invite you when there is practice, or if you see someone in the group go to the game (we will make) and have a practice, if u think they are good, then join!

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  • Fun fair / Carnavel / Great fun / Epic

    Have fun!!! Its great loads of rides and fun! The rides are so realistic so that when you ride them it scares you like a real roller coaster. :D

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