❤️ Old friends: Joshie, Sk, Dom, jamm n james❤️ 
❤️ MM2 Milestones! ❤️ 
Join MM2 Godly Trades clan ❤️ 
Became a mod for MM2 Godly Trades! ❤️ 
Clan in MM2 Godly Trades ❤️ 
Got On Trusted List 😄
 Got play music: #### elf's knife Christmas Event Got help from the most amazing friends ever.👌 
❤️ Friends: Madrid, Tabby (Tab), Sugar, Leah, Bella, Dubs, Peanut, Art, Mike, Bruh, Josh, Mya, Joy, Fail, Candy ❤️ 
❤️My hugest Goal I have ever made was meeting Tab he has changed my life since I met him and met my amazing friends that I have now ❤️Read More


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