I'm The Friend You Need Lyrics. You know wat? Little cotton candy hair is right, and if I do say so myself.... dis #### is not a nice place, for little ####### all alone there are lots of twists and corners. Dat could lead to the unknown lemme guide your way and ill be sure to help you through. You could really use a friend out here... and luckily for you!!! I'm the friend dat you need when your lost and don't know wat to do. I'm your pal your amigo. Looking out for friends like you. And my help. You'll concede is a plus ########### You can call and ill come running just follow my lead. CUZ IM THE FRIENDS YOU NEED!! He's a friend. Quite a friend. He's a friend indeed!


  • poppy's game where u can do anything

    dis is a game where u can build and do weird stuff :3 we also do some build battles here and we also do some role plays (ALSO BEFORE WE BUILD I WILL FLY U ALL AND PUT GRASS ON THE WHOLE MAP) Rules No bullying No admin abusing No fighting No nuking No putting troll songs (the only troll song I allow is I'm a banana but idk if I'm a banana is a troll song) No swearing cuz I'm a kid Have fun ;)

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