Hello there! Here's a few things: I don't accept friend requests unless I meet you in game, you're my friend irl, or I work with you. You can also friend me if you're famous XD. Follow me instead. To send a message to me, click the 3 dots and click follow, then refresh the page. This is to prevent bots. You may know me as the creator of Just Hangout Here or a moderator of Virtuality World. I'm currently working with my developers for JHH (Just Hangout Here) on updates. I can't develop well, so don't ask for me to build stuff for you please. To become a staff member in JHH, send me a message and I'll explain or give instructions. Have a nice day!Read More


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  • Roblox Story

    This is a story that I decided to make with some others. Hope you enjoy!

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  • ( Original ) Just Hangout Here :)

    Make new friends here, hang out, talk, if you meet the creator, good job. Stay tuned for more updates!! New updates coming almost daily!! Make sure to always respect admins and players in game/server. To be an admin, you must ask NACKRR, jonacreates234, or me gamingtime354. You will go through a test to see if you're trusted or not, don't take it personally if you fail. Join the new game group : Known glitches: morph snake falling out of map Updates include : Morph magic (reset to get off of morph magic) , prison, little caesars pizza, and intro. Credits : Creator- gamingtime354 Builder- jonacreates234 Head Admin- NACKRR Game Icon- TayaHamilTrash Scripter: NACKRR

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