• (NEW Minigame) A Chair in a Room V1.1.0

    ❗⚠Warning⚠❗ This games contains of loud noise, frequents of lights, horror images, violent, and quiet a lot of jumpscares. 🛑Recommendations🛑 -Turn your volume less than 66% (with max sound on ROBLOX player) -Graphics is suitable for any level -Close your doors and Turn Off the lights -Wear head phones () Chair in a Room is a single player horror game based on sitting for some several amount of time before something creepy happens. If you like or get scared, please like the game! Ideas for a new room, make a video and Tell me your idea there. Next Room: 250 Likes Can We Get A Youtuber To Play This?? Dev: Mysterious_Creations bookgamery555gta

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