──It's hard to make friends who don't ask for anything, and only want friendship──
[If you visited my profile because of my build, thank you! So many visits.. ;v;]
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──I don't accept friend requests until a real friendship is started in-game──

➵ I play and make stuff for fun o:
➵ Suburb New Yorker
➵ Freshman college student with an existential crisis but it's okay ⏳
➵ A♭ major or G♯ ♩ minor is my favorite chord/ key signature, change my mind
➵ Also a Minecrafter
➵ Generally a boring person

I'm surprised you read this, I'm not sure people really read blurbs...   (/0:)\Read More


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  • Trinity — Modern House

    --Sleepable beds, functional showers and sinks, remote TV Channels (just images), free catalog, sword fight area-- ► It's JUST a modern house (incomplete). Not a full game. ► Warning! You may lag a bit if on mobile. ► For RPing / relaxing. ► I don't usually see triangular houses, so I made this for fun. ► I do not own any of the meshes or scripts used in this, and a bunch of model items. ► This was originally just for me and two other friends, us 3 called our friendship a trinity~

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