I use the Browning M1918 BAR, it is an automatic rifle chambered in 7.62 Springfield. This rifle has a standard twenty round magazine, you know what "round" means? It means how many cartridges are in the magazine. Just to mention, a clip isn't a magazine, I'm tired all the people saying "I need a clip" during a battle, I mean seriously? All you have to do is yell "I need a magazine right now!" What is a clip anyways? A hair clip? Also the word "carbine." It's pronounced CAR-BEAN! Not CAR-VINE, or CAR-BINE, hell I've even heard CAR-BIND... like binder? Seriously, you people know nothing about guns, all you people want are shiny new guns and plasma rifles. I've been using the BAR for about A HUNDRED, yeah you heard me ONE-HUNDRED years. This gun has never failed me but, people still come to me with their M4A1 that has been skeletoned beyond recognition and expect me to favor them? Pssh, leave ROBLOX un-gun people.


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