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    Brand new short term game created and hosted by Pengyyy. Format: Every episode there is a challenge, the winner of that challenge will receive immunity. Then someone is randomly decided as the Januko winner (cannot be the challenge winner), they must then nominate one player for elimination. The player sent in by Januko has one attempt to correctly guess the person who sent them in and if they do then the Januko winner will face elimination instead of them. If they guess correctly they will be immune from being sent in and the Januko winner will choose their opponent. Januko winner CANNOT also be the challenge winner. If they guess wrong they choose their opponent and go into elimination themselves. The loser of the elimination game is officially eliminated from the competition. This will continue until the Final 5 where the Januko twist will be disbanded, finale is at Final 3. β—€ Games Hosted Here β—€ Januko {original creation} Survivor Endurance The Duel

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