• Carcraft 🚘🛠️💥

    What happens when you mount a 🔫 on your 🚘? Play Carcraft to find out. Next code at 48K+ 👍... 🛠️ Craft and customize your cars 🚘 Compete against other crafters 🎁 Earn boxes and discover new parts ✨ The possibilities are endless! ❓ How to play Carcraft 1. Build a car: each car requires 4 wheels, 1 front bumper, and 1 weapon 2. Play Solo, Team, or Survival modes 3. Open loot boxes and build more cars 📊 Powers ❤️ Health power 🪓 Melee damage power 🌀 Contact damage power 🏹 Range damage power 🩹 Regen power 🛡️ Defense power ⚡ Speed power 💣 Trap power 🔥 Join our group Carcraft Official Group to receive exclusive rewards:!/about Make sure to hit the FOLLOW button to be notified of new updates!

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