Mostly inactive member. You can find me on iRacing!

If your interested in racing in my other creations, I have uploaded them in other accounts:

VMclaren for my Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Track
RBRacing for my Ontario Karting Track
MercedesPGP for my Canadian International Street Course
FIndia for my Race of Champions Track



  • ▌█ Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a historic racing circuit located in Montreal, Canada. This track was named after the deceased Formula One Driver known as Gilles Villeneuve who died at the Belgium GP circuit in '82. Many famed racing drivers have won ever since including Lewis Hamilton and Gilles's own son, Jacques Villeneuve. Enjoy the track, in honour of one of Canada's greatest drivers. Built by me over a year ago back in the day of c-frame glitches and harder to use c-framing. Can't fix some bugs on the track without it coming back though.

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