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This account is used for only testing maps. To submit your map for review you will need to visit the Crazyblox Games forum and create a post under 'Map Submissions' following the guide pinned on there.
I run through the messages roughly once every 2 weeks. If your map is still not added/whitelisted after messaging me then:

The model you linked is not for sale
The map link you sent is not a model
You did not send a valid link

Keep an eye on my twitter @Crazyblox_Dev for updates on managing this account and the maps that are added to it.Read More

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    Map Search is outdated, use Unlisted ID's to test Fixed Map Test UI not showing sometimes and LocalEventScript now loads correctly To search a map it must first be completed by a player! Play FE2 Maps made by the community here! This account must own a model of the map to be able to load it in. Map Kit: https://www.roblox.com/library/688694610/Map-Kit Whitelisted Maps: https://www.roblox.com/users/260333206/inventory#!/models

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