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  • Hero's of Time!

    A group made specifically for zelda fan. We are #2 in activity & right now #2 in Members! we hope you may join us in the experiences we all had playing Zelda. Your welcome to stay. "Only true Hero's will join!" Group forum: Official group rules: We Ally with all Nintendo groups like, Luigi~Mario~Zelda~Link~ETC ---------------------------------------- The Legend of Zelda games Zelda 1~The adventure of Link~Link's awakening~A Link to the Past~ Four swords [1st]~Ocarina of Time~Ocarina of Time [Master quest]~Majora's Mask~Wind Waker~Four swords [2nd]~Minish cap~Phantom hourglass~Spirit Tracks~Twilight princess~Skyward sword~Ocarina of Time [3ds]~Four swords anniversary~oracles or seasons~Oracles or ages

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      Kokiri [s]
  • Gentlemen Society of Creepy Pastas


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  • The Audience

    ***CONTEST*** THIS CONTEST IS TO SEE WHO GETS TO BE THE HEAD OF THE GROUP. PM ME WITH 3-5 PARAGRAPHS EXPLAINING WHY YOU WOULD BE THE BEST LEADER OF THE AUDIENCE. THANK YOU! WE ARE THE LARGEST TOBUSCUS FAN GROUP ON ROBLOX!!! Email: theaudience.roblox @ g m a i l . c o m To be promoted, you must show you are mature enough to handle the promotion and would be a good fit. You also must be very active. TOBY (JOE)TOBUSCUS TURNER FTW. 'We are all the biggest fans of Tobuscus" - usarmylover. SiC:NargleFace62442 TiC:RedEvansence Friend Request TheAudience so he can be friends with EVERYONE in the group! We are not a war group, we will not accept ally requests, and I (voyagerhubble11) am not Toby, and will most likely not respond to messages or friend-requests. Feel free to email me though, as I will almost definitely respond. BTW all shirts are not on sale, as I am now NBC. I will soon put them on the group store though.

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  • Golden Sun Fan group

    A group for fans of the Golden Sun games to get together, talk about the series, share secrets, or just hang out. ---------------------------------------- I resign, anybody who is able to can have this group, my reasons are my own, mostly because I've done nothing with it. -240

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  • The Legend of Zelda

    This isn't really anything special. You can just join to say "The Legend of Zelda is the best!" The ranks are like this. Hylian: Zelda fans, new people. Hylian Knight: Have beaten atleast 3 of the many Zelda games. Sage: People who assisted me in making this awesome group. Link: Sucessfully beaten atleast 8 Zelda games and is a worthy hero. Ganondorf: The Evil people who play The Legend of Zelda! Administrator: Admins of the group. Leader of Wisdom: The greatest one of them all! To get a rank up or anything, message me! (trail39rulez)

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  • Legend of Zelda Black Orb (not done)

    Strange thing are happing around in Hyrule and it's to Link to find out whats going on...

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