I,m a game creator mostly a scripter although I consider myself well rounded enough to do things on my own if I was forced to but games aren't easy they require teamwork and motivation to get you through the rough patches don't be afraid to reach out to me and ask for help im busy but I always read my messages so if you need help ask and who knows I will probably help


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  • DBS Saiyan War ll (Alpha)

    Credits Co Owner - Egnitei responsible for npc designs and forms creator of future city and planet frost Map building and editing for earth, zenoh's, planet vegeta Owner - Taylordious responsible for scripting ideas and planning/coordination JBrady321 responsible for meshes and map/object designs MlonEusk0628 responsible for Gui's and screen layout and visuals BeezerNi responsible for Animations LOCKON: to LockOn to target chat: lockon Playername or hover mouse on player/npc and press tab then to lock off simply press disengage lockon button in bottom left or chat: lockoff MOVES and TRANSFORMATIONS: check move and transform list on bottom of screen in game you chat the shortcut word for each transform and the move keybinds are listed bottom screen as well join the group to be a part of the ranking and community https://www.roblox.com/groups/3195118/DBS-saiyan-war-2#!/about also be sure to join our external group down below in social links

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  • [sequal in desc] Dbz SSW

    please if you were a fan consider ssw2 the sequel https://www.roblox.com/games/2128946427/DBS-Saiyan-War-ll we brought its quality up and kept to the power level system that made us unique while reducing the xp glitches and lag considerably on august of 2018 roblox made the decision to require filtering enabled in all games meaning games not scripted with filtering enabled were instantly broken this included most legacy games like ssw the damage is unfixable so we made ssw2 also gamepasses for this game do not transfer im sorry it wasn't my decision to break the game if you would like a refund please ask roblox as they made the decision without consulting the community or getting there opinion on the matter they decided to do this with no real consideration of the impact to the players im very sorry for the inconvenience you have suffered but I cant pay for their decisions please understand

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