Hello, I'm Sevocalarch! Yes this is another account of mine, I'm originally a ROBLOX player from 2009, those were the days! I use to play every day, I was in love with the game! But as time grew and more and updates became more common, the game went... I guess you could say " out of style?" I'm growing to live with these updates but I'm not too happy with a lot of them. But hey, feel free to check out my place! I'm never around a computer so I can't promise much change to it soon but I do have the mobile app so I get on when I can! My original account is Fred3223. I don't use it much but I do get on it when I can, back then I was alittle "noobish" with the tools so the game on there isn't much to be proud of! Thanks for reading! Have a good day! Read More

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    A group for the promotion of boycotting. We are now officially boycotting GUM. Stop chewing, buying, unwrapping, or doing anything with gum. I REALLY want to stop stepping on it. Like REALLY. Please buy the T-Shirt now available! Thanks to all of you who followed the ad! Future boycotts are based off ad submissions and votes. Once I get three ad submissions I will pick my favorite and run it. Ads Submitted

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    VIP temporarily disabled. *Server Shutdowns means UPDATES* Thanks to johnmorrisonx2 for the jeep.

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