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  • [X3 EXP] Dragon Ball Online Revelations

    Demon King for Namekians and Barrier Of Light for Kais were added. Also bumped the boost to 3x E##. Enjoy The World Martial Arts Tournament is finally here! To enter go to World Martial Arts Tournament Arena and find the desk entry and talk to the Employee! It is a 8-man tournament with ring outs and many more! The Tournament Of Power is added back, but returns as an actual game mode where you participate in a 3 Team Battle against a team of 7 other players! To enter you go to Kami's Lookout, find Whis, and ask him. It's testing phase. You can now Meteor Dash at players by Boost Flying and clicking/holding Q! Create your own type of Combos 41 Brand NEW Parallel Quest. We have finally entered the Dragon Ball Super realm! TONS of new moves to earn, and 3 New Maps! Planet Potafeu, Universe 6 vs 7 Planet, and Beerus's Planet! Fixed Rush Moves if your stat is above 300, fixed mobile not being able to use rush moves, fixed Stamina. Fixed Forms. Story Mode/Prestige is out! I

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  • Dragon Ball Online Extra Gamepass Store

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  • [GOD NAMEK, GOLDEN CELL PASS][Old][Dragon Ball Onl

    Felt like these 2 races deserve god modes. Check out the latest sequel to this game DBOR! Eh I made this form too while I was bored and I decided to make it public. Don't ask why. Here it is:

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