Hi! The name's Fun_dy but you can call me Fun!

I'm the REAL Fun_dy, dont trust fakes plez.

I love to design clothing, and I LOVE to draw!

I'm also the owner of Fun Furs, Fundy Studios, The-Bugs, and Classic Roblox Outfits!💜 :>

I can also be very talkative and love making new friends when the opportunity comes!💕

I'm also a BIG fan of the classic roblox style!♥️(That's why you see me mainly wear classic inspired looks)

And for all of you who have been wondering, I'm 18

I am in fact a girl lol, I just prefer the more guy looking Avatars over the girl one's.

♡~My good friends~♡
 -💙Dan💙 👀
 This has NO order

Sorry if you came here to trade as I no longer trade or need to anymore.

No I do not watch that one minecraft youtuber that happens to have the same name as me, and no I do not play minecraft.

Woah this is a lot of stuff I've typed
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