• The Really Easy Obby!

    Press Q and E to change FOV respectively. Tags: obby , oby , obstacle , course , rainbow , long , popular , super , really , easy , fun , funny , mega , free , colorful , colors , color , colour , colourful , colours , noob , lava , jumps , jump , jumping , disappear , dissapear , dissappear , disapear , disappearing, dissappearing, disapearing, dissapearing, stairs, staires, stares, stars, choose, wisely, path, quick, run, invisible, choice, choices, choyce, choyces, wobbly, pads, winners, givers, conveyer, belt, belts, conveyers, conveyor, conveyors, hat, hats You receive more points in the less time you beat the obby. Good luck!

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  • Laser Tag! [SHOP]

    UPDATES ARE COMING! Soon, there will be a round system that works by using control points. Get a preview of the new system's mechanics here: TAGS: laser lasers laserz lazer lazers lazerz layser laysers layserz layzer layzers layzerz lasar lasars lasarz lazars lazarz laysar laysars laysarz layzar layzars layzarz

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  • The Adventure Obby [Obstacle Course] VERY HARD!

    Press Q and E to change FOV respectively. Tags: impossible, imposible, impossable, immpossible, impossiable, inpossible, immposible, impossibe, imposable, hard, haard, har, ard, ahrd, hrd, obby, oby, obbie, obie, obbi, obi, adventure, adventer, adventur, adenture, advernture, advenure, adventue, aventure, adverture, advanture, adveture, advnture, advencture, super, suoer, suer, uper, uber

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