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  • Grimoire Heart [ FTOF ]

    The Grimoire Heart Guild of Fairy Tail Online Fighting by TaleOfScripting. ========================================================= In order to be ranked, please contact a Deputy Commander with proof of your level. All-In-One Grimoire Heart: http://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=184075982 All information regarding ranks, rules, etc. are covered in the guide. ========================================================== Weekly guild meetings will be held here: http://www.roblox.com/games/271857934/Grimore-Heart-Meeting-Area ============================================================

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      Kurai Initiates
  • Pokémon BrickBronze Version

    Pokémon Brick Bronze is the latest project by tbradm and lando64000. Rank guide: -Follower: Rank upon group entry -Novice: Players with 100+ Pokedex -Advanced Trainer: Players with 250+ Pokedex -Experienced Trainer: Players with 400+ Pokedex -Elites: Players with 550+ Pokedex -Pokemon Master: Players with 721 Pokedex -Helpful Members: These players have helpful guides. Their guides are in their profiles. -Rank Manager: Please, SEND A MESSAGE to these players when you need a rank change. Ranks are not automatically updated when you reach higher Pokedex numbers. POKEMON TRADING RULES: 1: Do not sell Pokemon For Robux. 2: Do not trade Pokemon with anyone, expecting to get your Pokemon back. 3: Do not allow another person to "middle man" for you. These rules are to prevent scamming. If you were scammed, its probably because you broke one of these rules, and we will not assist you in getting your Pokemon back.

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  • Hunter X Hunter: Nen Unleashed

    The official group for the game Hunter x Hunter: Nen Unleashed. Future updates, news and events will be posted in this group. Game is here: http://www.roblox.com/games/237555769/Hunter-X-Hunter-Nen-Unleashed Kami Clothing: (The game's clothes) http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2738387 Currently working on: -Customizable Hatsus -Phantom Troupe Abilities -Legendary abilities -Bug fixes ----------------------------------------------------------------- Game is in Alpha stage, expect bugs. -----------------------------------------------------------------

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  • Fairy Tail Online Fighting

    [ Content Deleted ]

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  • Project Pokemon Community

    Project Pokemon Community is a group that represents the community of Project: Pokemon. If you want to hear about the latest updates, feel free to join this group. People in this group get 10% extra experience from battles and 25% extra money from trainer battles. When you join this group, you will be accepted in a short time. It'll take about 5 minutes after joining the group for you to gain the ability to trade. Rank Requirements: Pokemon Trainer: 100+ Pokedex Entries Pokemon Champions: Own the "Champion Badge" Pokemon Expert: Champion, 150+ Pokedex Entries, Requires Quiz Pokemon Master: Champion, 450+ Pokedex Entries Helpful Star: Active, helpful people. Trusted: Trustworthy people selected by high ranks. Rank Managers: Given by wish only. More likely to obtain it if you're Trusted and active on the group wall. Think you meet any of these requirements? PM a Rank Manager or Enforcer. You do not need proof. Do not asked to be ranked up on the group wall.

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  • Survival 101 Fan Club

    Welcome to the Survival Fan Club. Here, you can talk about all the Survival games you love! Play nice and follow ROBLOX rules, and we won't have a problem. Finally, absolutely NO POSTING COMBINATIONS/RECIPIES.

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    This game is newly made so please don't accuse me for using free models. Nor would I ever use free models. (p.s this game is all free modeled)

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