• Ragdoll Engine Experimental

    this place is for testing out server-client connectability and experimental features that is to improve my realistic ragdoll system for my games such as ragdoll engine, fighting game, and future releases. as of right now, i am remaking ragdoll engine.

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  • pushing simulator

    basically push gamepass for everyone press f to ragdoll (x on xbox)

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  • a game about fighting and stuff

    THIS GAME IS IN ALPHA STAGE. YOU WILL EXPECT BUGS. there is a latency problem. i am trying to find ways to solve it recent update: - improved sound system -------------------- - rewritten game code (nothing's really changed, i had to rewrite my bad coding) - punch hitboxes greatly improved (the hitbox was a ray, that's why punching seems weird) - updated ragdoll joints - changed lighting (lighting may not apply to mobile users) - redesigned bridges - some sounds changed - fixed force bug game inspired by "Ragdoll System Test" by monchaso and "Silly Simulator" by the ROLVe Community

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  • Herkes' Rocket Arena (WIP)

    I AM HALTING THIS PROJECT AT THE MOMENT Herkes' Rocket Arena is full of destruction and mayhem. Blow up buildings. Get the most KOs to win. This game is a Work in progress. There will be modes (Teams, King of the Hill, etc.) and more maps in the future. i am not sure what's causing the yellow leg bug Changelog: remade Arena ---------------------------- reworked game code, so gamemodes are easier to add random team positions instead of being in the same team added a new gamemode: multi teams

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  • Ragdoll Engine

    a realistic ragdoll physics game Press F to toggle ragdoll (X on Xbox) Press T to toggle perspective as of right now, i am remaking this game. Known issues: entering ragdoll state once in R6 rig will break tools. re-equipping the tool will fix it

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